Christopher Hunt

Christopher Hunt, Board Chair

Chris is an attorney and CPA in the Indianapolis area.

Donald R. Lane, Secretary

Donald R. Lane, is a long time resident of Indianapolis (since 1967) who worked for Naval Air Warfare Center for 27 years. Don took an early retirement to volunteer for BOSMA Enterprises for about 14 years and to advocate for the physically and mentally challenged.  He volunteers on various Boards and maintains a blind support group called the Blind Lunch Bunch which meets every month.
Christopher Hunt

Jacqueline Jaques

Jacqueline is an elder law attorney at Severns & Howard, PC, where she assists clients in preparing themselves and their families to deal with disability, infirmity, and the end of life.  Prior to her current employment, Jackie practiced Social Security disability law, helping clients work their way through the Social Security disability application and appeals process.  In both her professional and personal life, she advocates for people dealing with disability, poverty, and lack of opportunity.  She is motivated by her own life-long struggle with major depressive disorder and wants to help others, especially those with mental health issues, discover and use the strength that comes from facing disability on a daily basis.  When she steps away from her mission to save the world, Jackie enjoys tae kwon do (she’s a second degree black belt), beekeeping (she’s managing to keep most of the bees alive so far), and playing guitar. She lives in Whitestown with her partner Tim and her children Tommy, Audrey, and Joey.
Dr. David Wilhemus

Dr. David Wilhelmus

Dr. Wilhelmus was raised in Boonville, Indiana and has been residing in Indianapolis, since 1977.  He is a graduate of University of Evansville, Western Michigan University, and Indiana University.  His work experience includes employment as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Rehabilitation Teacher for Blind Adults, Coodinator of a Special Education Cooperative for the education of Blind and Visually Impaired Children, Trial Lawyer specializing disability law, University Chair, Library Administrator, Campus Director and University Professor.  He has been active in advancing the interest of the disabled for many years including being appointed as a voting delegate to the 1977 White House Conference on the Handicapped. Dr. Wilhelmus has served on numerous for and nonprofit Boards.  He has published law journal articles analyzing the ADA and promoting prison reform.
Dr. David Wilhemus

Chad Crowe

Chad is the Deputy Director of the Indiana Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities. Prior to his current employment, he served in multiple directorial roles at the Indiana Commission for Higher Education.  He graduated in 2009 with a Juris Doctor from Indiana University School of Law.