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You have the right to vote privately and independently.


You have the right to assistance.

Assistance is available to those with a disability or who cannot read of write English. Assistance must be requested before entering the voting booth.

A voter may choose anyone to assist them, except their employer or union representative. If a voter does not choose someone, two poll workers – one from each party – will assist. The assistant(s) must complete a form provided at the polls before entering the booth.


You have the right to an accessible polling location.

Under federal law, all polling places for federal elections must be fully accessible to older adults and voters with disabilities. Simply allowing curbside voting is not enough to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility requirements.

In federal elections, every polling place must have at least one voting system that allows voters with disabilities to vote privately and independently. Usually, this is a machine that can read the ballot to you (for people with vision disabilities or dyslexia), and let you vote by pushing buttons (for people with mobility disabilities).


You have the right to a provisional ballot.

If your right to vote is challenged for any reason, you may complete a provisional ballot. This is a ballot you can fill out with your planned selections, but will be counted later on, after your issue is resolved.


Resources available to you at the polls:

  • Magnifiers for voters with visual impairments.
  • Tape to hold ballots in place for voters unable to hold them.
  • Chairs for voters unable to stand for extended periods of time. This includes while waiting in line and while casting your ballot.


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If you have questions about voting, or if you feel your rights have been challenged, contact Indiana Disability Right’s Voting Hotline at 800-622-4845

For any general questions before voting, contact the Secretary of State, Election Division at 800-622-4941 or