Checking In With the Election Workers

Once inside your vote center, tell the poll worker your name, and present your photo ID. Your identification must have your photo, your name, an expiration date, and be government issued. After the poll worker approves your ID, the poll worker will scan your ID using the Poll Pad, which is an electronic poll book that contains a database of every registered voter in Marion County. Every vote center will have multiple Poll Pads.


Using the ExpressVote Machine

All Election Day voting is performed using ExpressVote machines. When using the ExpressVote, a poll worker will provide you with a special ExpressVote ballot. The poll worker will initial the back of the ballot, which will have a clipped upper right-hand corner. The poll worker will insert the ballot into the ExpressVote machine and walk away. Touch the screen to make your selections and review your choices. When you’re finished voting, the ExpressVote will return a marked ballot to you to insert in the DS200 machine. The DS200 machine will confirm that your vote has been cast.


ExpressVote ADA Features

The ExpressVote machine has features to assist voters with disabilities, including an audio-enabled ballot for voters with low- or no vision. The device can be placed on a table at wheelchair level. Each machine also has an ADA-compliant table with three optional heights. Contact a poll worker if you need help with the machine.