The United States Attorney, Southern District of Indiana – Disability Rights Roundtable, in partnership with the Great Lakes Equity Center and organized by the Indiana Statewide Independent Living Council, are thrilled to announce and invite you to be part of a first of its kind, innovative event – the Allies in Action: Disability Allyship Summit on March 3, 2020 at the IUPUI Campus Center in downtown Indianapolis from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The Allies in Action: Disability Allyship Summit is unique and unlike anything else in the Hoosier state! The Summit offers a day-long event full of learning, practicum, and action on Disability Allyship for Indiana Disability Leaders/Allies and Disability Advocates, community partners and peers with disabilities with the aim of training and building a powerful Hoosier network of authentic and effective Disability Allies — one that works with the disability community to elevate the disability voice and support its endeavors to lead and push for meaningful systemic change.


  • ABLEISM: What is it? Acquire methods of identifying and dismantling ableism/tokenism
  • AUTHENTICITY: What does it mean to be an authentic disability ally? Procure knowledge of authentic allyship practices and how to put these into action
  • AMPLIFY: Why is it important to elevate the voices of the disability community? Gain an understanding of the crucial need to prioritize the voices of people with disabilities
  • ADVANCE: How do allies help advance rights and justice for people with disabilities? Discover the value of working with the disability community, not in place of it, to address issues impacting the lives and futures of people with disabilities

The Allies in Action: Disability Allyship Summit is offered as on onsite event or as a half day online/livestream option (in the morning). Sponsor/Supporter and Exhibitor opportunities are available, but limited in number.

To REGISTER for the Summit:

For any questions related to sponsorship/support or to exhibit at the Allies in Action: Disability Allyship Summit, please contact Amber O’Haver at aohaver@insilc.orgSee the attached Sponsor/Supporter and Exhibitor Packet or for more information and to select a Sponsor/Supporter or Exhibitor Table go to:

For any other questions, reasonable accommodations and/or for assistance with registering for the Allies in Action: Disability Allyship Summit, please contact or indicate any accommodation needs in your registration. See the attached flyer and Summit description in accessible Word documents.