Empowering our peers with disabilities

We advocate with and empower all people with disabilities through supports and services, free of charge in Central Indiana.
Disabled and non-disabled in conversation.
accessABILITY advocates on behalf of people with disabilities to exercise their rights to establish and maintain control over their lives.

The Gift Continues...

Join us at accessABILITY and step into a world of lasting impact and ongoing empowerment.

Our commitment to fostering change doesn’t end; it evolves. Together, let’s embark on a journey where the gift of empowerment is not just a moment, but a continuous force shaping a brighter future. Your contribution matters. With your help, we can propel the legacy of positive change forward with people with disabilities in Central Indiana.  Donate today to support someone’s journey to independence here.

How Can accessABILITY Help?

accessABILITY advocates on behalf of people with disabilities to exercise their rights to establish and maintain control over their lives. We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting people with disabilities in their own personal journey to independence. Direct services are provided FREE of charge to people with all types of disabilities regardless of age.


What We Do

Serving Indianapolis and the surrounding counties, we provide individual consumers, governmental agencies, corporations, and other nonprofits with the tools necessary to ensure the acceptance, respect, and inclusion of everyone. Despite being called a "Center," we work primarily with people in their own homes and communities to help them achieve the level of independence and community access that they want.

Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers.

As a disability led-organization, we know that no two journeys are ever the same. Our peer support model means that we employ people with disabilities to share their experiences and expertise to help others in their journey to independence.

#AddTheA – Eiteljorg Museum

July 5, 2023

For Disability Pride Month in July, accessABILITY is working with organizations to create commitments to “Add the A” of accessibility into DEIA initiatives. We asked The Eiteljorg Museum how they are committed to #AddTheA and include people with disabilities in their events, spaces, and programs, and here’s what they said! The Eiteljorg Museum takes pride in […]


Now Hiring: Independent Living Advocate

July 3, 2023

            Job Title: Independent Living Advocate (ILA) Position: Non-exempt (Full Time and Part Time Option) Location: Indianapolis, Indiana Wages: Hourly range $17 – $17.50, 37.5 hour work week Benefits: 16 paid holidays, 15 days paid time off, plus more Forward Resume: info@abilityindiana.org ORGANIZATIONAL SUMMARY Our Mission: To empower our peers […]


July is Disability Pride Month

July 3, 2023

July is Disability Pride Month, a chance to honor the history, achievements, experiences, and struggles of the disability community. It marks the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, landmark legislation that broke down barriers to inclusion in society. But barriers still exist, which is why we need to honor every kind of disability, the […]


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