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Information and Referral

This service provides information relating to rights, options, issues and resources to any individual, organization or business, anywhere.

Transition Services

Facilitates the transition of people with disabilities from nursing homes and other institutions to home and community based living; provides assistance to those at risk of entering an institution; and facilitates the transition of youth with disabilities into higher education, the workforce and the community.

Assistive Technology

This department maintains an inventory of independent living aids and adaptive technology used to provide equipment demonstrations and loaner services for consumers.

This type of equipment often enables people with disabilities to perform personal, work recreational and social functions that would otherwise not be possible.  Individuals can acquire some items through accessABILITY at no cost.

Peer Support

This service is designed to promote personal independence for people with disabilities by providing opportunities for them to meet exceptional mentors with a similar disability(s) or experiences.  The purpose of the service is to provide practical, real life solutions to everyday problems encountered as a result of a disability.

Peer Support Group meetings include:

A Spinal Cord Injury Social Group

A Neurodiverse Social Group


Individual and Systemic Advocacy

Assisting and teaching people the skills needed to navigate complex disability programs and laws and to assist with obtaining community based services and supports.

Individual advocacy services assist people with disabilities to exercise their basic rights and responsibilities and teaches personal advocacy skill.

Systemic advocacy is work done at the local, state and national levels to ensure that needed supports are available and that discriminatory practices and barriers to independent living are removed.


Our youth services program provides young people with the community based experiences, skills and access to services needed to ensure their inclusion in community life and successful transition to adult life.

  • Transition Timeline Checklist as a guide for activities that youth need to achieve before entering adult life.
  • Youth N’Power education programming provided in area schools
  • High School to College Transition to assist students in contacting the appropriate resources in financial aid, disability services, and enrollment.
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Advocacy
  • Young Adult Council