Defining inclusive communities.

No More Negotiation is more than just a disability training; it’s Disability Justice.

Our trainings are taught and developed by people with disabilities and are rooted in cross-disability power.
We go beyond basic accessibility and toward the full inclusion of all people, bringing our values of Collective Access, Intersectionality, and Disability Pride into our workshops and into your organizations.

“No More Negotiation” originates from the 1973 marches for disability equality, debuting on a protest sign carried by Judy Heumann. The protests resulted in the signing of The Rehabilitation Act, America’s first civil rights law for people with disabilities.


Disability Through Time, Through Us
(60-90 minute workshop)
An introduction to historical bias and shifting how we think about disability, inclusive of:

  • History: Historical mistreatment of individuals with disabilities has shaped society’s current perspective and bias.
  • Statistics: Current statistics for people with disabilities reveal America’s biases toward disability and shows the impact of the intersectionality between the largest marginality (disability) and other historically underserved communities.
  • Models of Disability: How people think about disability affects how they feel about disability. Adapting new models and perspectives allows us to imagine a more accessible and equitable society for all. 
  • Barriers in Society: Our biases create barriers of inaccessibility and shape the reality for the disability community.

Beyond Ableism Toward Allyship
(60-90 minute workshop)
An introduction about how to interact with the disability community:

  • Talking About Disability: Every disability has different needs, and it’s important to acknowledge specific needs without dividing the disability community as a whole.
  • Shifting Language and BehaviorsWords and actions are often rooted in bias, uncovering them, and shifting them can make individuals with disabilities more comfortable and included in the spaces I occupy.
  • Enabling vs. Empowering: By trusting in others’ ability and autonomy, we can change our relationships with the disability community and beyond.
  • Practice Scenarios

Exploring Systems Impacting People with Disabilities: A Pair and Share Interactive Activity
(90-120 minute workshop)
Inaccessibility is all around us, yet we are often unaware of the systemic barriers that create exclusion for the disability community. Join us in an interactive, research-based deep dive into how systems, such as healthcare, transportation, and housing, exclude the disability community and what we can do as allies to break down barriers to create a more accessible future.

Panel Discussion with Leaders in Disability Justice
(60 minute workshop)
What have you always wanted to know about the disability community? Bring your questions and join our panel as local leaders in disability justice share their stories, answer your questions, and discuss how to build a more accessible future together. 

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What People Are Saying About No More Negotiation

“We met accessABILITY at a virtual conference, and we knew right away that we needed to begin We met accessABILITY at a virtual conference, and we knew right away that we needed to begin a partnership with them. The work they do for people with varying disabilities is critical for individuals and our society. At Child Care Answers, we support families with young children in finding community resources and choosing quality child care and early learning programs. We invited accessABILITY to provide parent and community education on how to advocate for young children with disabilities, developmental delays, and medical conditions in child care and educational settings. During their engaging trainings, I have been able to dive into deeper conversations with families regarding their struggles in finding inclusive child care. Personally, as a mother with a child who has a medical condition, I have learned through accessABILITY’s trainings how to better advocate for my own child. They are a wealth of knowledge and resources for the disability community”
-Jamie Le Sesne Spears, M.Ed., Child Care Answers

“Recently, we partnered with accessABILITY for Employment Disability Awareness month for a half day workshop. Staff had the opportunity participate in small groups based on different disability topics and grow together with their peers. We finished the event with a panel featuring some of accessABILITY’s board members. It was a phenomenal experience and the feedback we received from staff was nothing but glowing reviews. I highly recommend giving accessABILITY a chance to collaborate with you. They are hardworking individuals and I look forward to collaborating with them again.”
-Emma, EmployIndy

“This training was wonderful!  What I and my foster parents acquired from the training was more than what any of us expected. I enjoyed EVERTHING about the training.  It was informative as well interactive. Paige and Jessica were so engaging and knowledgeable. They Definity make learning fun. I recommend everyone to take this workshop, it will not disappoint.”
-Courtney, Ambassadors of Hope