Employment First
Town Hall
A Community Conversation

In Partnership with IUPUI and INAPSE
FEBRUARY 28, 2019, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

WE NEED YOU! People with disabilities, their families, and community members are invited to come and share your ideas for how to improve employment for people with disabilities.

What is Employment First? Employment First means competitive employment, fair wages, and career advancement for people with disabilities. Many are not aware that a 2017 law was passed that says “community integrated employment must be the first and preferred outcome of services for people with disabilities. “

Participants will discuss how Indiana and the Indianapolis area can increase employment and change systems. Our goals are to: 
• Develop a coalition of advocates in the Indianapolis area supporting Employment First;
• Identify barriers to getting jobs, develop recommendations for change, and take actions to promote employment outcomes; 
• Develop local initiatives to educate and dispel myths about community employment; and 
• Document success stories of people with disabilities working in Indianapolis and surrounding communities.