Organization Overview

Centers for Independent Living (CIL) were created under the U.S. Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration’s Rehabilitation Act.  CILs are nonprofit community based non-residential organizations that are run by and for people with disabilities.  Under the 1992 Amendments of the Rehabilitation Act, CILs are required to have a majority of individuals with disabilities on their Governing Boards and on their staff, including those in decision-making positions.  CILs can be creative and provide an array of services but five core services are mandated in all CILs; advocacy, information & referral, peer support, independent living skills training and transition.

accessABILITY is a nonprofit dedicated to assisting people with disabilities exercise their rights to establish and maintain control over their lives. As people with disabilities ourselves, we work alongside individuals to reach the level of independence and community access they desire. We know that no two journeys are ever the same, so we give a personalized approach by providing peer support, experience, and resources.

We advocate and empower all people with disabilities through supports and services, free of charge in Central Indiana.

accessABILITY also advocates on behalf of people with disabilities to governmental agencies, corporations, non-profits, and other systems to ensure the acceptance, respect, inclusion, and equal access of everyone. The result is that our communities are enriched through the full participation of all people.

Organization Mission

To empower our peers with disabilities to lead and control independent lives fully included in community life.

Board of Directors Responsibilities & Expectations

The accessABILITY Board of Directors governs the overall execution of the organization’s mission.  The Board manages organizational finances and sets long term priorities for programs and services.  Additionally, the Board oversees the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who is responsible for the day-to-day management of accessABILITY. The members of the Board contribute the educational, management, legal, and financial skills needed to ensure long term organizational stability and ensure year-to-year excellence for accessABILITY’s services.

Requirements of our Board:

  • 51% of our board must be people with disabilities
  • 2-8 hours of active participation quarterly, inclusive of attending board meetings, committee meetings, fundraising, etc.
  • Meetings are held via Zoom on the first Tuesday, every other month, from 5:30pm-7pm
  • A meaningful gift is expected, the amount is optional
  • Terms are for 3 years

Download accessABILITY’s board application here and submit it after completion to You will be asked to attend a regular board meeting to give you a more in-depth idea of board activities and responsibilities.