Meet Gavin Selch

Meet Gavin Selch, Information & Referral Advocate at accessABILITY! Gavin helps assist accessABILITY’s consumers to get them the information they need in order to live more independent lives.

Gavin grew up in Indianapolis and attended Cathedral High School for two years, later graduating from Broad Ripple High School in 1994. She has a medical assisting diploma from PCI and has taken various educational courses from humanities and social services at Ivy Tech and IUPUI. In addition, she has EMT training and is CPR and First Aid certified. “I enjoy helping others and have participated in serving others all my life through community programs and the healthcare field.”

Gavin’s disabilities led her to finding employment at accessABILITY. “I am able to help and show compassion for other people like myself. Everyone is very accepting and it is a great team of people. This gives me a purpose at the end of the day.”

For fun, Gavin participates in living history reenactments all over the United States. She loves to read and considers herself a “history nerd.” She enjoys hanging out with friends and family, spending time with her two children and grandson.

“I am grateful and excited to be able to help and serve others like myself.”