Independent Living Advocate Job Posting







Job Title: Independent Living Advocate (ILA)
Position: Non-exempt (Full Time and Part Time Option)
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Wages: Hourly range $17 – $17.50, 37.5 hour work week
Benefits: 16 paid holidays, 15 days paid time off, plus more
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Our Mission:
To empower our peers with disabilities to lead and control independent lives fully included in community life.

AccessABILITY advocates with and empowers all people with disabilities through supports and services, free of charge in Central Indiana. We maximize the independence of individuals with disabilities through advocacy, peer support, independent living skills training, information and referral, and deinstitutionalization. We provide individual consumers, governmental agencies, corporations, and other non-profits with the tools necessary to ensure the acceptance, respect, and inclusion of everyone. The result is that our communities are enriched through the full participation of all people.

AccessABILITY values Inclusiveness (celebrating differences, welcoming authenticity), Compassion (caring and empathy in action), Independence (practicing self-reliance), Trust (acting with integrity to inspire confidence), and Resourcefulness (seeking innovative solutions).

To be a successful candidate for the accessABILITY team, you must believe in and have a commitment to improving community integration with people with disabilities. The agency strives to maintain high expectations for the quality of services provided to consumers.

The Independent Living Advocate engages with consumers to assess current needs, evaluate options, and ultimately support the consumer to achieve their goals in the way the consumer chooses. This includes connecting consumers to existing community services and agencies to help them meet their independent living goals.

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