New Free Resource!
Welcome to a new free online resource, the Indiana Disability Justice & Violence Prevention HUB. This platform includes free content created for people with disabilities, service providers, caretakers, and anyone else who is interested in supporting people with disabilities.  The HUB was created by a coalition of people with disabilities/self-advocates, representatives of sexual and domestic violence prevention and intervention programs, disability service providers, and caregivers.

The working group that created The Hub is called the Indiana Abuse Prevention Disability Task Force (APDTF). The mission of The Task Force is to increase holistic wellness of people with disabilities through education, advocacy, restorative and transformative accountability, policy change, research, and action.  The Task Force created this space to ensure that violence prevention and disability justice materials created by survivors and people with disabilities who lead the movement to end violence are uplifted and accessible to anyone. Publications on the Task Force hub include: best practices, research, data and education posts, book reviews, media reviews (movies, tv, hashtags, etc), event reviews, and personal stories on disability, survivorship, and/or prevention.

How to Follow
Subscribe to free updates about the Task Force on the Online hub by “following” the Indiana Disability Justice and Violence Prevention Hub.  Create your patreon account and then click the “follow” button located at  When you follow us on Patreon, you will receive an email any time a new resource or update is published!  Notice that each post contains information about how to cite the publication following APA citation formatting.  We encourage everyone to feel free to utilize anything published on Patreon, and please be sure to give credit to the creators, authors, editors, research translators, story-tellers, and resource compilers who collaborate to bring you this amazing content!

How to Use Patreon
To find content that is most relevant to you, go to and find a list of “tags” on the left side of the page.  Every publication have up to 5 different tags so that followers may easily find publications geared towards their group, publications regarding certain content, or publications focused on certain topics.  Click on any of the tags on the left side and Patreon will automatically load just the posts that have the tag you are interested in.  Otherwise, feel free to scroll down and check out all the posts and/or wait to receive updates in your email from us once you have followed us!

Feel free to reach us at with any questions or comments, including if you might be interested in submitting something for publication!